Clean sport = fair outcome?

Round-table Conference in Oslo 25 June 2018.

Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, will open the Conference at Grand Hotel in Oslo 25 June. Vice President of WADA, Linda Hofstad Helleland, will also be present. 

Other participants are Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian, spiritual leader, ambassador of peace and founder of World Forum for Ethics in Business, Prosessor Richard McLaren, who investigated and released two reports on doping in Russia and Travis Tygart, who has been CEO of USADA since 2007. Full program below. 

The main topic for the Conference will be based on the current turbulent situation within international sport and anti-doping prior to the Winter Olympic Games in PyeonChang, South Korea.

The title of the Conference is “Clean Sport = Fair Outcome?”. The Conference will be based on two themes. The first theme is “The fox guarding the henhouse in anti-doping? -Are we acting in the interest of clean athletes?” while the other topic is focusing on the “Right to fairness for Athletes.” 

International experts, sports leaders and athletes are among the speakers.

Registration is now closed. For any inquiries, please contact Helene Lium ( 

Key information

The overall purpose of the Round-Table Conference is to highlight and discuss anti-doping activities in light of the turbulent situation within international sport and anti-doping prior to the Winter Olympic Games in PyeonChang, South Korea.

The conference will take place at Grand Hotel, in the centre of Oslo, Norway, on 25 June from 12.30 to 18.15. Registration from 12.30-13.15. 

The Conference will start precisely at 13.15. 

Grand Hotel
Address: Karl Johans gate 31, NO-0159 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +47 23 21 20 00





Vebjørn Rodal, Acting Chair - Anti-Doping Norway


Tom Tvedt, President - Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports

Opening of the Conference
Erna Solberg, Prime Minister - Norway

Opening remarks
Is Fair Play possible?
Johann Olav Koss, Founder - FairSport & President - Waratah Impact

Opening remarks
Is Ethics in Sport more than following the Rules?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder - World Forum for Ethics in Business & Art of Living

Keynote speaker
What is going on in Anti-Doping?
Linda Hofstad Helleland, Vice President - World Anti-Doping Agency


Keynote speaker
EU and Sport
Jo Leinen, Member - European Parliament & Board Member - World Forum for Ethics in Business

Keynote speaker
Outcome from WADA's first Global Athlete Forum 
Andréanne Morin, Member - WADA's Athlete Committee 


Fox and the Henhouse in Anti-Doping - are we acting in the Interest of the Clean Athletes?


Keynote speaker
Why new Structure for anti-doping in International Athletics?
David Howman, Chair - Athletics Integrity Unit


Keynote speaker
Fox and the Henhouse
Travis Tygart, CEO - US Anti-Doping Agency


Keynote speaker
Arbitration and Fair Trial
Professor Ulrich Haas, Arbitrator - Court of Arbitration for Sport


Round table discussion
Linda Hofstad Helleland
David Howman
Travis Tygart
Ulrich Haas
Dagmar Freitag, Member - German Parliament
Gerhard Heiberg, Honorary member - IOC
Britha Røkenes, Attorney at law - Director Testing & Legal ADNO


Ethics in Sport Award
World Forum for Ethics in Business


Coffee Break


Theme 2:

Right to Fairness for Athletes

Keynote speaker
How did sports world end up in a Doping chaos?
Professor Richard McLaren


Keynote speaker
Follow up on Investigations of Organized Doping
Günter Younger, Director of Intelligence and Investigations - WADA


Keynote speaker
Fraud and Financial Crime in Sport
Hans Christian Koss, Expert - Financial Crime


Keynote speaker
The willingness for reforms to Protect Clean Athletes
Claudia Bokel, Executive Director - FairSport


Round table discussion
Richard McLaren
Claudia Bokel
Honorable Clayton Cosgrove, Former New Zealand Minister of Sport
Birgit Skarstein, Member - Athletes commission of the international Paralympic Committee and World Champion in Rowing
Sven Mollekleiv, Senior Vice President - Sustainability, DNV GL and Head - Ethical Committee of the Norwegian Football Assiciation


How to improve Performance?
Professor Øyvind Sandbakk, Managing Director - Centre for Elite Sports Research, NTNU


Conference Outcome
Rajita Kulkarni, President - World Forum for Ethics in Business
Anders Solheim, CEO - Anti-Doping Norway


Jan Åge Fjørtoft


The content of the conference is meant for amongst others (but not limited to) any person or organisation that wishes to take part in an important discussion on how to improve and strengthen anti-doping activities at international level, in order to protect clean athletes in sports.

Please note that there is a limited number of participants who can attend, so that it is on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Participation fee

There is not participant’s fee to attend the seminar.


Registration is now closed. For any inquiries, please contact Helene Lium ( 


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