Doping control

One of Anti-Doping Norway’s main tasks is the planning, implementation and results management of doping controls.

Anti-Doping Norway has a pool of approx. 60 certified doping control officers (DCO) covering the whole country. Their knowledge of the local environment and community is of great assistance when planning and conducting doping controls and implementing education activities.In addition, we have a pool of DCOs who have extensive experience working at international events such as the Olympic Games and World Championchips.

National Testing Programme

Anti-Doping Norway’s national testing programme includes top-level athletes in our national Registered Testing Pool (RTP), other national top-level athletes, as well as athletes on a lower performance level such as masters or recreational athletes. We also emphasize the inclusion of young talents in our national doping control program. In this case, the deterrence effect is crucial. Our goal is that no one shall show up on a national team in a risk sport without having been tested previously.

For RTP athletes and other national top-level athletes, the test distribution plan (TDP) is based on a thorough risk assessment, blood profiles and other investigative information. Different test strategies are developed for different sports, and at this level most of the tests are conducted out of competition.

All tests conducted by Anti-Doping Norway are no advance notice tests.

Anti-Doping Norway collects approx.3000 doping samples from Norwegian athletes each year. Between 10-20 athletes are banned for a doping offence each year. This proves that doping controls are an important tool to detect doping. At the same time, doping controls shall have a deterrent and preventive effect.


Some doping substances or methods can only be revealed in a short time window, therefore it is imperative to carry out controls at the right time. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has through its international regulations set strict requirements for all international top athletes when it comes to reporting whereabouts. Norwegian athletes part of the RTP must  provide whereabouts for at least one hour for every day of the year.