Information and education

According to a Strategy document adopted by the NOC’s General Assembly in 2003, information on anti-doping rules and regulations and the health consequences of using doping shall be widely distributed in the NOC and affiliated bodies.

The World Anti-Doping Code (WADC) also includes education and information.

On this basis, Anti-Doping Norway has defined the main (but not restricted to) target groups for its Education & Information programme, which includes lectures and seminars, training programmes, campaigns and stands, distribution of educational material and an informative website:

- Athletes in the Registered Testing Pool and their support personnel
- National top level athletes and their support personnel
- Athletes participating in competitions
- Youths participating in organised (competitive) sport
- Sports medical personnel

In 2008, Anti-Doping Norway launched a new concept: the “Clean Concept”. Most of the Education & Information projects and activities are based on the “Clean Concept”: Clean athlete, Clean Sport, Clean Sports Club, Clean Fitness Centre and Clean Schools.

Lectures and seminars 
Lectures represent an important element of the preventive work of the foundation. A group of qualified lecturers has been established, trained by Anti-Doping Norway to give lectures on anti-doping subjects. This pool includes personnel educated in physical science, medicine and educational science.

Each lecture is adapted according to who the audience is, and what they wish to focus on. The lectures may include information on the prohibited list, anti-doping regulations, doping controls, health consequences of doping use, diet and nutritional supplements etc.

Through the lectures, Anti-Doping Norway reaches out to a huge amount of athletes and their support personnel and sports management. A priority target group is young athletes.

In addition, Anti-Doping Norway organises a biannual seminar for athlete support personnel (doctors, physiotherapists etc.) on important anti-doping issues, including the prohibited list, doping controls, the NOC´s anti-doping rules and regulations, methods of analysis, therapeutic use exemptions and new doping regulations.

The relationship and collaboration between Anti-Doping Norway and national sport federations is crucial in order to achieve a common understanding of anti-doping rules and activities. Through regular contact with the national federations, we are able to keep them informed of the progress and changes in the anti-doping rules and activities and discuss issues of common interest.  

Training programmes
As part of the Clean Concept, Anti-Doping Norway in collaboration with the communication company Transform has developed several online training programmes aimed at the athletes, fitness centres and Sports Club. Some of these were updated in 2016. 

Campaigns and stands
Norway Cup is one of the biggest international football tournaments for children and youth in the world, and takes place every year inOslo at the end of July. More or less 30 000 young athletes from the world participate. Anti-Doping Norway is always present with a stand, promoting doping-free sport and society.  The campaign aims at encouraging young athletes to take an active stand against doping. The campaign is promoted by several Norwegian top level athletes.

Anti-Doping Norway has stands at several sports-related events, aimed at athletes, sports medical support personnel and sports management.

Educational material
Anti-Doping Norway develops educational material aimed at athletes and their support personnel, sports federations, local clubs, fitness centres and schools.

The information pamphlets cover topics such as doping substances and methods, doping rules and regulations, blood samples as part of a doping control, just to mention a few.

We also have developed a user manual for athletes covering all aspects of a doping control, an information brochures directed at specific sports such as ice-hockey and football as well as a handy brochure with the Prohibited List.

Other specific pamphlets may also be developed according to the needs and requirements.

Our information material is distributed mainly at lectures, stands and doping controls. A lot of information can also be found on Anti-Doping Norway’s website: 

Anti-Doping Norway also organises press conferences and seminars for the media when required.