To succeed in the fight against doping and to protect the rights of clean athletes, Anti-Doping Norway believes that drug-testing alone is not enough.

We need to develop additional ways of gathering, sharing and exploiting information and evidence about the supply to and use of prohibited substances and methods of doping in sports and society in general.

A key focus of our work is to promote and engage in inter-agency information sharing related to doping in sport. To run an effective anti-doping program, Anti-Doping Norway needs to build relationships and work closely with the sports community, general public and national and international partners including other National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADO).

In order to tackle the broader threats of supply and trafficking of prohibited substances, Anti-Doping Norway gathers information from a wide range of sources. The information is submitted to a process of evaluation, collation, analysis and dissemination, and is cross-referenced with existing data. This forms in-depth knowledge into anti-doping activities and supports us in developing effective testing strategies and adequate education and prevention.