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International conference on the subject of "Doping and Public Health" to be held in Oslo from 7-9th of June 2017. 

Anti-Doping Norway's Special Advisor, Rune Andersen.
A tough task

Rune Andersen pursues his efforts to reinstate Russia into international athletics.

One year - 7000 users

During the course of the last year, 7000 people have tried the latest edition of our educational program "Real Winner".

Study on doping prevention

Anti-doping Norway, together with University in Bergen and Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, recently conducted a study on doping prevention through anti-doping education and practical strength training. 

Anti-Doping Norway has agreement with five of Norway’s 19 counties. Through this projects we met more than 12.000 students during 2014.
Mobilizing counties against doping

Several of Norway’s 19 counties are now teaming up with Anti-Doping Norway to fight doping among youth. – This is a unique project and might just be the beginning of something great, says CEO of Anti-Doping Norway, Anders Solheim.

Honestly campaign

Anti-Doping Norway, in collaboration with the Norwegian NOC, launched the “Honestly” campaign in 2013 and 2014. The campaign is designed to highlight the values on which the fight against doping is based. 

Rune Andersen in Rio

Anti-Doping Norway’s Special Adviser and former WADA Director Rune Andersen has recently been to Rio to be updated on the progress for the anti-doping work ahead of the Rio Olympics in 2016.

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