- Hope to see you in Oslo in June!

Fredrik Lauritzen speaks about the upcoming International Conference on Doping and Public Health. 

7-9 June Anti-Doping Norway and the Ministry of Health and Care Services will be hosting an International Conference on Doping and Public Health in Oslo. 

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The conference covers a wide range of topics, and will benefit anti-doping organisations, law enforcement representatives, health personnel, researchers, fitness professionals and anyone who faces the challenges of doping. 

- This will be a great opportunity to learn more about research, prevention programs and law enforcement practises in the field of anti-doping in a public health context, from the foremost experts in the world, says Fredrik Lauritzen, Director, Prevention and Public Health. 

International Conference: All you need to know 

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Fredrik Lauritzen is Director of Prevention and Public Health in Anti-Doping Norway. Photo: Stian Schløsser Møller
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Interview with Director of Prevention and Public Health, Fredrik Lauritzen, by Human Enhancement Drugs Network (HEDN).