Anti-Doping Norway's managing director, Anders Solheim, together with WADAs new Director General, Olivier Niggli. The picture was taken during a visit in 2014.

Norway hosting IADA meeting

Important topics up for debate in Oslo.

Government officials and anti-doping representatives from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Great Britain, Japan, Sweden and Norway are gathered in Oslo monday and tuesday for the annual IADA (International Anti-Doping Arrangement) meeting.

The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Anti-Doping Norway are hosting the meeting , with WADAs new Director General, Olivier Niggli, and Europes member of WADAs Executive Committee, Thorhild Widvey, among the participants. In addition, the ten countries have at least one representative each.

A single testing authority, consequences of non-compliance, assisting NADOs, challenges for WADA moving forward and the coordination of the governments role in WADA are some of the topics up for debate.

- How can we help the countries that lack a good anti-doping structure? With structure I mean a system where doping controls, prosecution and laboratories are organised independently, and in accordance with the code. That is one of the questions that will be discussed, says Anne Cappelen, director of Anti-Doping Norways international department.

- I hope the IADA countries can provide practical knowledge and competency for countries that are non-compliant or do not have a national anti-doping agency. I also hope that WADA and the governments can help finance this, says Cappelen.

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