Anti-Doping Norway has agreement with five of Norway’s 19 counties. Through this projects we met more than 12.000 students during 2014.

Mobilizing counties against doping

Several of Norway’s 19 counties are now teaming up with Anti-Doping Norway to fight doping among youth. – This is a unique project and might just be the beginning of something great, says CEO of Anti-Doping Norway, Anders Solheim.

It is Anti-Doping Norway’s impression that the use of doping outside of sports is rapidly turning into a major problem. With this backdrop, Anti-Doping Norway, and so far a total of five out of Norway’s 19 counties, have committed themselves to what is called “A local mobilization against doping”.

- By raising awareness about doping among youth in potential risk groups, and among professionals, such as health personnel and teachers who are dealing with young people on a daily basis, we hope to educate them as to the potential risks of doping, both physical and mental, and thereby nourishing a zero tolerance mentality, says Anders Solheim.

In a joint effort, Anti-Doping Norway and the counties are now financing 40% positions for local co-workers solely committed to spreading information and awareness about the doping problem, specifically targeting youth between the ages of 16 and 19.

As part of this joint venture, Anti-Doping Norway also launched the web-based and interactive school concept “Ren Skole” (“Clean School”). This is primarily a program for high school students.  

- Never before has Anti-Doping had such a prominent place and been such concrete part of the students’ curriculum, says Halvor Byfuglien, leader of Anti-Doping Norway’s communications department.

The counties and Anti-Doping Norway have agreed on two-year contracts with the possibility of renewal. The Sør-Trøndelag region, which was the first county of five to sign so far, has already agreed to renew its commitment.

- We are happy to see that the counties feel we are bringing something important and worthwhile to the table. We still have a long way to go, but we are confident that even more regions will be joining us in the near future, says project manager Fredrik Lauritzen.

Publisert: 13.04.15 - Oppdatert: 01.12.16

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