Prohibited list 2017

The list comes into effect on 1 January 2017.

In accordance with article 4.4.2 of The World Anti-Doping Code (WADC), all prohibited substances shall be considered as "specified substances" except substances in classes S1, S2, S4.4, S4.5, S6.A, and prohibited methods M1, M2 and M3.  

I. Substances and methods prohibited at all times

Prohibited substances

S0: Non-approved substances

S1: Anabolic agents

S2: Peptide hormones, growth factors, related substances, and mimetics

S3: Beta-2 Agonists

S4: Hormone and metabolic modulators

S5: Diuretic and masking agents

Prohibited methods

M1: Manipulation of blood and blood components

M2: Chemical and physical manipulation

M3: Gene doping

II.Substances and methods prohibited in-competition
In addition to the categories S0 to S5 and M1 to M3 defined above, the following categories are prohibited in-competition:

S6: Stimulants

S7: Narcotics

S8: Cannabinoids

S9: Glucocorticoids

III. Substances prohibited in particular sports

P1: Alcohol

P2: Beta-blockers

MONITORING PROGRAM: 2017 version here

Prohibited list criteria

Typically, a substance or method will be considered for the WADA Prohibited List if the substance or method meets any two of the following criteria:

  • It has the potential to enhance or enhances sport performance
  • It represents an actual or potential health risk to the athlete
  • It violates the spirit of sport