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Anti-Doping Norway has a wide range of services within and outside organised sport.

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Doping Control
Anti-Doping Norway conducts doping controls for national and international federations, the World Anti-Doping Agency, other national anti-doping organisations, major event organizers as well as national institutions such as the Norwegian Police University College or the Defence. We have a pool of certified doping control officers with wide experience at national and international level, including major events such as World-Cups and Olympic Games. All doping controls are conducted according to the World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards.

Anti-Doping Norway has a team of well-trained speakers who can lecture within or outside organised sport. Within organised sport, our main (although not restricted to) target groups are athletes and their support personnel, sports management, sports federations andlocal clubs.. Fitness Centres and youth are a main target group outside organised sport. Our speakers can inform about any aspect of anti-doping from the prohibited list to doping rules and regulations, doping controls and the consequences of doping use.

All lectures are adapted on request from the client and according to the audience.

Training programmes based on the “Clean Concept”
In 2008, Anti-Doping Norway launched a concept called the “Clean Concept”. All Education & Information activities are based on the Clean Concept which includes “Clean athlete” (Real Winner), “Clean Sport Club”, “Clean fitness centre”, “Clean Federation” and “Clean School”.  The “Real Winner” concept has already been translated into several languages and is in use in several countries, both among anti-doping organisations and international federations. 

E-learning program “Real Winner”

Real Winner is an e-learning education program about anti-doping and consists of 7 modules. Each module lasts between 3-4 minutes, and is based on videos, exercises and facts:

  1. Doping Control Procedures
  2. The Prohibited list
  3. Breach of anti-doping regulations
  4. Consequences to health
  5. Dietary supplements
  6. Therapeutic Use Excemption
  7. Whereabouts

The first version of Real Winner was released in 2008, and has been a useful e-learning program for athletes and support personnel around the world. The new version of Real Winner was launched on 1 June 2015, and is updated according to the WADC 2015.  The program uses the latest technology, and is optimized for both PC, tablet and mobile use. It is easy to use wherever you are, either traveling, at home or on the way to a competition.

The program is developed by Anti-Doping Norway (ADNO) and Anti-Doping Denmark (ADD) in cooperation with Transform.

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